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Press Release – November 26, 2018



“New plastic-free, water-soluble solution developed by Lactips chosen by ULRICH-Natürlich for its dishwasher tablets” – discover our press release of the 26th November 2018

The new plastic free solution which replaces the PVA is on the shelves

You are looking for a new alternative for dishwasher tabs or powder unidoses ? Lactips has it!

Without sticky residues and environmental impacts, Lactips launched on the market the new plastic free and soluble solution for dishwasher tabs and powder unidoses. Fully water soluble, the Lactips’ wrapping leaves no sticky residues after washing and doesn’t stick to the dispenser. Moreover, 100% bio-based, it is plastic free giving access to all eco-friendly labels.


Since last month, the German brand, Ulrich Natürlich, distributes dishwasher tabs wrapped with Lactips’ film in several European countries offering Read more

Press release – July 17, 2018

press release

“Lactips raises EUR 3.7 million” – discover our press release of the 17th July 2018

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