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Based on milk protein, our thermoplastic pellets show an incredible variety of technological properties such as water solubility, edibility, biodegradability…

Our technological potential is huge, and the possibilities for industrial actors are unlimited.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our product or if you want to discuss about your problematic and your innovation projects.


Environmental issues and sustainable growth are becoming more and more important in strategic decision processes. Thanks to the regulation changes, the major industrial actors need to define new value propositions including environmental matters. Through innovation, they will be able to provide new products safer and more comfortable for consumers and the environment.
At Lactips, we are developing a biosourced material which will enable you to overcome your new challenges. Our bioplastic film is totally biodegradable within 18 days and can be used as home compost.


A new revolution in the packaging industry has been developed for the last 10 years. Have you ever imagine that one day you would eat your packaging as well as the product itself? You will be like the characters of Charlie & the chocolate factory, living in a world where all your environment is edible.
At Lactips, we are producing a revolutionary edible plastic based on milk protein. Our technology enables us to imagine and develop new applications for food industry, such as edible packaging (total harmlessness for human), especially for milk-based products. We are working on a safer future for our planet and for us, with less and less plastic wastes.


Industry is always looking for new packaging technology, which can have a direct impact on the product environment. Specific applications were developed to slow considerably the degradation process of food and improve freshness control of food at the same time. Packaging are becoming more and more sophisticated and will contribute to reduce food wasting.
Moreover, active packaging have a positive impact on our health. Those packaging show better conservation properties and allows us to keep our food for a longer time than we do today and without any consequences on our health. Usages of packaging as conservative element is a good alternative to all non-natural conservative products which are integrated to our food during production process.
Lactips technology provides you with a functionalisable material, that you can adapt depending on your needs.
Lactips is the best solution: an innovative and natural product, good for your products, good for you and for our planet.

Gas Barrier

Wrapping refers to a means of separating something that lies “inside” from an
“outside”. This is done to protect the contents from outside factors such as humidity, light, pressure and air. The wrapping (packaging material) must seal the contents from outside factors and protect them to prevent degradation in quality.
“Barrier properties” is the term used for the function of sealing contents from outside factors that will invite quality degradation. Oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and other gases in the air have a major impact on the freshness and quality of food products and medicines, and barrier properties for these gases are thus extremely important. For this reason, the packaging materials must have barrier properties with respect to these gases.
At Lactips, we produce a bio-based plastic which has excellent barrier properties to oxygen.

Water Soluble

Water soluble film are commonly used in developed countries as packaging for chemicals and cleaning agents so as to avoid injury to the operators and to minimize pollution.
By using water soluble films the mixing operations have become simple, the additive measures more controlled and exact. You can measure exactly the required amount thus avoiding wastage, and also remove any costly opportunity for incorrect occurring dosages.
Agriculture and Cleaning chemicals can be in high concentration and can also be hyper-toxic. They are a major health hazard.
Because of this, Chemistry and Agriculture Chemical governing bodies are now paying more attention to the packaging of these chemicals, and how they can be dispensed safely and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner.
Historically, the packaging of chemicals has had a number of disadvantages. The main and key issue being the waste chemical residue that is left behind in the packaging, and most importantly … how this packaging is eliminated?
It is estimated that there are approximately 300 million waste chemical bags disposed of each year, and many tons of left over chemicals are ending up in our landfill areas and entering our water ways.
At Lactips, we produce revolutionary bio plastic pellets which can be transformed into water soluble film. Our product offers the best dissolution in hot and cold water and it’s totally biodegradable, compared to actual films that leave chemical residues in the environment.


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